About 40410 Insure

40410 “Forty for Ten” Insure is a new entrant into the South African funeral cover  market.

All products are underwritten by Liberty Group Limited. 40410 Insure seeks to provide a simple, affordable funeral cover for all. To simplify funeral cover 40410 Insure has developed a single premium funeral cover plan that is billed weekly from the client.

To make funeral cover more affordable 40410 Insure offers R10 000 Family funeral cover or nominated beneficiary for just R40 per month. 40410 Insure is making funeral cover easily accessible for all. With payments made via cellular phone, paid in instalments of R10 per week, 40410 Insure allows clients to take care of their family obligation to provide in times of mourning.

One cover. One price.

Vision: To provide simple, affordable funeral cover to everyone striving to provide for their family.

Values: Simple, affordable, accessible and easy

Commitment: To allow clients to take care of their family obligation to provide during times of mourning